Smooth, Natural Handwriting
Need to take a note? Don’t search for a pencil. Write on your iPad. Noteshelf allows you to jot down whatever comes to mind, just like an ordinary pen and paper. Say goodbye to jagged lines and frustrating, jerky text: with Noteshelf, your handwriting flows effortlessly across the screen.
Great Organization Tools
File your notes into different books and arrange them on the shelf. Group your notebooks using easy drag and drop gestures and use passwords for privacy. Set a unique title and cover for each book to quickly locate it.
Unlimited Customization
Download extra templates and themes for Noteshelf. Free and paid add-ons include planners, stationery, covers, grid papers and more. Whether you use Noteshelf for recipes, art class, board meetings, wedding plans or home organization, you’ll find a template that fits.

Stunning Retina Graphics
Create beautiful documents bursting with color. Include sketches, icons, photos, text and natural handwritten notes on every page. Your notes will look crisp and vibrant in stunning high resolution on the new iPad---truly a pixel-perfect match.
Write with your Finger, a Stylus or Smart Pen
Noteshelf gives you complete versatility. Write directly on your iPad’s screen. Or, for cleaner, clearer results, choose a stylus or smart pen from our recommended partners. Whichever your preference is, you’ll surely love to write.
Many Sharing & Export Options
Share pages with a tap directly to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. You can also export your notebooks to Dropbox and Evernote, export as a PDF document and send them via email.



Pressure Sensitive Stylus Recommendations

We have just released Noteshelf 7.0 with support for pressure sensitive styli from the below 2 makers. Click on the below links to buy one of these products:
- POGO Connect
- Hex JaJa Stylus
(Support for the new Adonit JOT Touch 4 is coming soon)

Best handwriting notes app for iPad: Noteshelf review

iMore says “Whether you’re a student or teacher, an intern or executive, if you have an iPad and you take notes, get Noteshelf.”


Lex Friedman from reviews Noteshelf

iPad app [Noteshelf] offers a lot of note-taking functionality… It’s an impressively deep, feature-rich app that aims to simplify the process of jotting down notes…